The below listed material is from many sources and we have posted it in order that you will better understand “A Message For Our Time”.  Material from other sources then Servants of Messiah Ministries is annotated with the author and, where possible, the website of that author.  By posting the material we are not necessarily in agreement with the contents of other author’s papers but their paper supports what has been written in “A Message For Our Time”.


You will notice that some of the papers and messages from Servants of Messiah Ministries has repeated material and some of that material appears in “A Message For Our Time”.  That should stand to reason because we have quoted what was already written.  However, please be patient, we are not trying to bore you to tears but the repeating of something should reinforce it in your mind.


The research material is in Adobe Acrobat format so you will need to have the Acrobat reader.





Mentioned in “A Message For Our Time” are two papers written by Rabbi Moshe Koniuchowsky.  To read these papers, click on the title below or go to . 


Part 01 The Full Restoration Of Israel


Part 02 The Ongoing Reunion Of All Israel





About The Language of Scripture


Mentioned in “A Message For Our Time” is the on-line free book entitled “Was the New Testament Really Written in Greek?” by Raphael Lataster.  To read this book, click the title below or go to or or and down load the book from there.  Please note that the file size is 8.85 MB.



“Was the New Testament Really Written in Greek?”



Mentioned in “A Message For Our Time” is the preface to Dr. George M. Lamsa’s “Holy Bible From the Ancient Eastern Text” (which was a translation from the Aramaic Peshitta).  This preface is available at and is entitled “Dr. George Lamsa’s Aramaic Evidence” or you may click on the title below.  This is actually an e-letter I had sent out to a certain Netzarene e-group some years ago but it quotes Dr. Lamsa’s paper.


 About Aramaic Bible Versions